Saturday, August 25, 2012

Craving Calico Critters

I'm in love with the Calico Critters. I saw them a few years ago at Toys R Us, and filed that info away thinking they might make good presents for my various nieces. I did try to get some for Claire in the spring, but wasn't able to find them at Target and I only had limited time that day, so it was a no go.

Tonight, Dexter and I went off to Toys R Us to buy 2 girl birthday presents. He was thinking Barbie, but I had these little creatures in mind, at least to check out as an option. For those not in the know, they are the absolute cutest little flocked animals you have ever seen. It is as if Holly Hobbie and Polly Pocket and Gund conspired to create little woodland creatures.

 And they are all families. And there are dollhouses. And little furniture. And aprons. And food. And it is all adorable, and sweet, and not sexy, and though not cheap, they are much less than American Girl Dolls. And they are the first toy since Dexter was born that I have considered buying for myself.

I cannot justify buying this for myself at all. I can envision I time when I could have... say, BEFORE having a son...I could have invested in a small little set and claimed it was for when my niece Claire came to visit or any of my friends' daughters. It's always nice to have a few things for them to play with on hand.

But now? Sure, Steve can claim that the Lego Monster set was for him and Dexter, but I know he would have bought that before the boy child came into our lives. If not actually bought it, he would have considered it.

The sight of these little animals today shot through me like a spear. Dexter asked me if I was crying, I was squealing so much at the entire giant display of them. If I was 6, I don't know how I would live without them. I would be spending every waking moment scheming how I could earn the money, save the money, and asking Santa to PLEASE PLEASE bring me a bunny rabbit Calico Critter Family.

They were a little too much for a school chum birthday present, especially since we had to buy two, but I did get a set for Claire for Christmas, with my eye on them for the Chicago nieces as well. You know, just to have an excuse to go back to that aisle. I feel very virtuous starting the holiday shopping in August, but really I just wanted to have this box in my house for the next four months. If only it wasn't taped shut. She won't know if I just slit the tape...I could always retape it...oh my god. I did it. Their arms are jointed. THEY MOVE. I CAN POSE THEM.

I have always loved dollhouses. There was this really cool Modern House doll house that was sold at Fred Segal and the MOMA gift shop about 12 years ago. I really wanted that one too- but it was $400 and big. I did not live in an apartment big enough to have it even as a conversation piece of Art. (turns out, I should have. As I search for a photo, I find it is no longer available and goes for $1750 on ebay.) 

Deep breath. I'm a grown woman. Would I rather have very cool shoes, a new purse, a spa day? New clothes? A Kitchen Aid stand mixer? Laser hair removal? Mani-pedis? An iPad? Books? A new car? A trip somewhere else besides where our mothers live? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Of course.

But there lives inside of me a young girl who would like nothing more than to dress a sweet little kitty Mama in a tiny checked apron and help her rock her diapered kitten in a cradle.

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  1. Robyn, If you want them that much, you should have them. Tell Steve you want some for Christmas or your birthday. I think they're adorable, too. Love, Aunt Mimi