Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Gift That Keeps On Giving...

...is a giant bag of Kirkland chicken breast tenders!!

As I go to the bag AGAIN for what seems like the 3rd or 4th time to thaw out 8 pieces of chicken I marvel that there is still MORE. This is a good thing. I have not had to buy chicken in a month. Whatever it cost, it was worth it, it was cheaper than buying it all by the pound, one small pack at a time. It goes on my permanent "oh alright, I'm gonna make a trip to Costco" list of things I can no longer live without.

I'm sure the meat is filled with hormones and the chickens lived in horrible conditions and died miserable deaths.

But having that bag satisfies me in so many ways- I feel like a frugal, efficient modern woman cooking tasty, healthy meals for my family, even when I am working. It gives me that Enjoli feeling, like I'm kicking ass and taking names. All wrapped up in some frozen, packaged chicken breast tenders.

Somewhere, a Kirkland marketing exec just jizzed all over his desk after I typed that.

(edit-when I went to steal the photo of the bag off the Costco website, it turns out that the chicken is hormone free, and I don't have to thaw it. The jury is still out on if they were in good moods or not when they were slaughtered.)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

what dreams are made of...

     I'm having a stolen day today and I'm using it for the forces of Good. Work got cancelled, but I'm still on the clock for machinations beyond my control that for once rule in my favor. I realized as I'm walking out the door to do some long overdue errands that the theme of my day is Dreams.

     Errand one is dropping my 5 year old niece's Halloween costume in the mail. I made her a bunny suit that looks exactly like her pet rabbit. She has been asking for it longer than they've even owned the rabbit and this Halloween is shall be hers.

     Errand two is getting my Ringling Brothers Clown College diploma framed.  The piece of paper is old enough to vote and buy it's own porn. We found a framer that does great work inexpensively, and have been slowly working our way through things that need framing.

    Errand three is driving all the way to Santa Monica to Truetone, a guitar store that specializes in repairing electric guitars. Steve's has been busted for 5 years. The guy who busted it had just moved to town when he broke it, has now already lived his arc of Los Angeles life and departed for somewhere else and the guitar is still sadly not repaired. Today is the day it becomes whole again.

Many small drops into the good karma bucket!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Scooby Doo, where are you?

I think I know what happened to Fred...he grew up to be a "confirmed bachelor of a certain age" living in Silverlake. I spotted his van at the Trader Joe's on Hyperion the other night.

The Mystery Machine!
(BTW, this TJ's has a particularly notorious parking lot. Please admire the fantastic parking job of the disabled guy on the phone in the foreground.)