Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Giant Sunflowers

I grew some gargantuan sunflowers this summer in my little garden. Called "American Giant Hybrid," they were not kidding around. They are at the point now in mid summer where the heads are drying out and I guess they should be cut down, but there are still more flowers blooming off the central stem, and what I'm finding freaky is that the satellite flowers are now having satellites growing off of them.

Here they are. Sure, they are big, in early May...

 Oh my god, the heads are gigantic, and they look like they are about to lean over and eat Dexter.
 They've got extra flowers blooming off the central stem, and the other day, I notice smaller flowers shooting off of them.
 Clearly, when they said "hybrid giant" they meant some freaky genetically engineered FrankenFlower. I'm a little concerned about the next step, which is to cut them down and make room for the next crop rotation. They are the Ents of the floral world.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm back, blogger, I'm back.

After a very long blogging hiatus, I am returning. Though the challenge of creating the comedy haiku to fit the 140 character limit has been swell, more and more I've wished I had an outlet for my ideas. The whole Google+ thing this week was the tipping point. Youtube thinks I'm Steve, my original Google+ acct thinks I'm Steve (how about that? I'm on my SECOND Google+ account, and it's only been around since Monday) Our original blogs were so old they were published on a webpage Steve made before he started working at G4 six years ago.

I've been trying to synergize all of my shit, and the answer was not trying to make all the old stuff work together but to start fresh. Sure, I finally got my facebook and twitter to be friends, but what about the blog? I started that blog in 2004! There were a hundred posts...that I couldn't even archive because blogger changed so much. And my long abondoned personal web page? So long abandoned I never added my new agent, whom I left a year ago? 

Fine. I'm taking a big gulp of KoolAid and jumping off the cliff into the robynsimmsjohnson abyss.

On a more positive note, I have been inspired by a few blogs- Hello Moye, finslippy and Mommy Lite. Blogger is WAY easier to use and now has all the bells and whistles that I wished it had when I left.

It's good to be back.