Saturday, June 23, 2012

Why I no longer listen to music

I don't really listen to music anymore, at least not anything I choose. Steve listens to music, it comes from his computer and streams through the tv. Many things have to be on-his computer, the x box, the tv-and I have no idea how pick the music.  Actually, I do- there is a lengthy process of scrolling around, and then scrolling around some more, and it not loading, and then more scrolling and then settling for something else.

In the car, I turn on the radio, thankfully KCRW actually plays music. I can't pick it, but I usually like it. Mostly.

At home, I end up turning on the radio. For some reason, we don't always get great reception lately, so I turn it off. The CD player on it stopped working years ago, perhaps as a result of a toddler opening and shutting the drawer 405,952 times.

I could turn on the tv and stream music through one of the 5 different ways it can happen on the tv, but then the tv has to be on, and it seems like a colossal waste of energy to turn on the heat producing beast just to hear music. No one with a penis believes that giant flat screen tv's produce heat, because they have an energy star sticker on them. They do.

So I thought I listen to my crappy computer. The speakers are lousy, but it does have some of my music downloaded. While on vacation, I heard a great late night interview (on the radio) with Steve Miller. It reminded me how much I used to like his music and that I don't actually own any of it. I have an iTunes gift card hanging around. I'll buy his album! Then it will be on my computer! And maybe that Katy Perry song that's in Madacascar! Music! I pick myself!

All I want to do is turn on one or two things, and hear music. I don't want to rewire the space shuttle to do it, heat up the living room or have it take 20 minutes to get it all together. If I had 20 minutes, I'd tweeze my eyebrows and file my nails.

I have just spent the better part of 45 minutes not redeeming a gift card, and circling around with fucking ID resets and passwords and fucking nonsense. To not purchase Steve Miller's Greatest Hits. Or Katy Perry. Or anything. I've bought things from iTunes before. Maybe not in 6 months, but it was very easy the last time. At this point, I don't care. I have an hour left to clean the house, and I will do it to silence.

So I spent 20 angry minutes writing instead. Feh.


  1. Have you checked out Spotify yet, Robyn? It's the most enjoyable modern way to discover new music or to listen to pretty much anything you want to. Legally and easily.

  2. I was going to use that, but I couldn't remember the name!! All i could think of was Pandora, and I knew that wasn't it. I have 20 minutes left- perhaps I can spotify some Steve miller while I get ready. Thanks dave!