Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's not shillin' if they don't pay me...or how to spend $20ish in L.A.

I have two local businesses I'd like to mention today...

 The first is Forage in Silverlake, Sunset Junction to be exact. They so don't need my help that they don't even have a sign out front, so I'm not going to even bother to hyperlink to it. Suffice to say, you will easily find them by the line out the door and the clusterfuck in the previously tight but manageable parking lot.

We'd been hearing about it in the nabe since they opened. The place that was there before (two places before?) was mediocre but serviceable, never really crowded. In late June, our pal Patrick Rowe-Sowa couldn't not stop drunkenly raving about it, practically challenging Steve to a sandwich smack down right there in the bar. Even though his formerly-Vegan taste buds are suspect, we gave it a try today.

And it was damn good. I would say it was in the Top Ten Sandwiches I have eaten. This sandwich gave Beefy Boys a run for the money. (I don't remember what Beefy Boys was really called. It was in the West Greenwich Village, run by two very handsome and beefy young gentlemen and their grandmother. They were only open for lunch, and closed when they ran out of food around 2pm.) We got the pork belly sandwiches. I'm not sure what goodness was on it besides roasted pork and mayo- it looked like shaved celery root, carrot and magical unicorn horn. It ain't cheap ($$ as they say on the Yelps) two sandwiches, one mexican coke and a small side of lemon kale salad cost $29.15, but it was a nice treat.

The second business I'd like to give a shout out to is the Little Rockstar Children's Salon in Sherman Oaks. We finally got Dex's hair cut and it was the first time a stylist actually did "please leave it long on the top and short on the sides and back." The salon was cute, clean and quiet. They had FIVE different cars to sit it while getting your hair cut, and Dex tried them all out, settling on the Ferrari. The stylist was a cute little babuska named Romida, who was a sweet, grandmotherly type, and she knew exactly how to talk and coo to a small child to keep him calm while she wielded three different clippers around his head. She even showed him how to do a fauxhawk at the end. Well worth my $20 bucks.


after with a fauxhawk


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