Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Giant Sunflowers

I grew some gargantuan sunflowers this summer in my little garden. Called "American Giant Hybrid," they were not kidding around. They are at the point now in mid summer where the heads are drying out and I guess they should be cut down, but there are still more flowers blooming off the central stem, and what I'm finding freaky is that the satellite flowers are now having satellites growing off of them.

Here they are. Sure, they are big, in early May...

 Oh my god, the heads are gigantic, and they look like they are about to lean over and eat Dexter.
 They've got extra flowers blooming off the central stem, and the other day, I notice smaller flowers shooting off of them.
 Clearly, when they said "hybrid giant" they meant some freaky genetically engineered FrankenFlower. I'm a little concerned about the next step, which is to cut them down and make room for the next crop rotation. They are the Ents of the floral world.

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