Saturday, December 22, 2012

Too Much Cat Hair

While leaning out my closet the other day in preparation of hopefully moving at some point, I came across my "good" winter coat absolutely covered in cat hair. FYI, we put the cat down in September and he spent a lot of the summer hiding. Now I know where.

This was not "Awww! My cat fell asleep on my coat LOL" or "I sat on the couch where the cat likes to sit" but a thick layer of hair, matted into the rough wool of the coat, both the front and back. The hair had become one with the fibers, like mohair. I brushed it, I lint rollered it. I brushed and rollered again. I ran it through the dryer.

So I Googled it. Nothing. Sure, lots of loving cat owners who don't care if they are covered in cat hair suggesting I buy the "pet hair" roll refills, or gently wipe with a damp sponge, but no advice for this kind of damage. Some don't even over advice, but scold people for getting cat hair on them in the first place. Thanks, jerk. I know. Don't let your animal sleep on your clothes. The coat was hanging vertically in the back of a closet, not thrown on the floor.

I decided to wash the coat. I figured it was ruined anyway, so that if it did work it would be awesome and if it didn't, I'm no worse of.

It did work...for the most part. If this was a junky coat I wore to work in a scenic shop in the winter, this would be just fine. Except this is my good winter coat to wear over a dress when I need to look grown up and presentable, and will no longer qualify for that.

So now, it will go into my car to be given away to the next homeless lady I see who looks like it will fit her. After cleaning the garage a few weeks ago I did the same thing with a mummy sleeping bag. I wished I'd had a dozen sleeping bags to give away, I'm sure I'll feel the same about the coat.

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