Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Feeling Charitable

I will no longer donate money to any charity or organization that cannot remember my name is not Mrs.

I will accept Robyn Simms, Robyn Johnson, Robyn Simms Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Robyn Johnson, or The Johnson Family. But Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Johnson really pisses me off. I didn't think this still happened, but I also didn't think access to birth control pills needed to be discussed either, so here we are.

I am the one who writes the checks to these charities. I fill out the donation form, my name is the first one on the check, and I sign it. There must be a way to enter that info into the data base so both names come up. I can't believe that I am the only woman who feels this way either. I recently decided that I will express my displeasure with my wallet and I will no longer renew any giving to a charity that does not recognize me. I've noticed it's the more conservative charities that use this form of address. Is the theory the more wealthy the woman, the more likely she is to want to be reduced to Mrs.? I bet Mrs. Stedman Graham uses her own name!

Charitable giving and squeezing money out of donors is a science, so I'm sure each charity knows their donor base well enough to figure if it should be Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Rosenbalm or Mrs. Edna Rosenbalm to get Edna to write the $20,000 check towards a new theater lobby bench. But if a charity wants Mrs. Stephen Johnson to write the $20 check, they better address me as Robyn.

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